Interior Designer   Date:2017-05-25

REMAX Human Resource Department

Contact: Ms. Yao

Tel: 0755-29404316


Job Title: Interior Designer

Job Category: Design & Creative

Number of Positions: 3


1. Experienced International Brand Store Designer/ Official Store Designer/ Showcase Designer and possess a deep knowledge of design project, construction drawing and renderings

2. Ability to design new props and create design drawings including plan figure, elevation and section drawing, manufacturing process chart and rendering as well as follow up the construction progress

3. Participate in project of developing new shops and design drawing.

4. Experience in props and interior design of promotion sale

5. Proficient in 3D renderings and CAD construction drawings.

6. Experienced is preferred.

Salary: Eight-hour work day; Modernized office that has reached 4A decoration standard; With accommodation available ( accommodate 2-3 people, one-bedroom apartment, provide air conditioner); Pay social insurance; Provide free tour organized by the company to employees worked over one year.

Welcome to our interview at our office, salary negotiable.

Annual salary range: ¥100,000 - ¥200,000

Location: Shenzhen city

Post date: May 25th, 2017