Product Designer   Date:2017-05-25

REMAX Human Resource Department

Contact: Ms. Yao

Tel: 0755-29404316


Job Title: Product Designer

Job category: Design & Creative

Number of Positions: 3


1. Free-hand sketch  skills, creative ideas can be represented graphically by sketch;

2. Proficiency with Photoshop, CorelDraw Rhino, keyshot and PRO as required;

3. Over two years work experience in product/ industrial design;

3. Good written and verbal communication skills and team spirit; strong execution and a sense of innovation

(Note: Welfare matching with personal capacity, we are always looking for talented people)


1. Develop designs and drawings for product patterns; Complete a various products design

2. Design in digital products, earphones, power banks, speakers and leather cases;

3. Participate in temporary and emergency layout designs

Salary: Eight-hour work day; Modernized office that has reached 4A decoration standard; With accommodation available ( accommodate 2-3 people, one-bedroom apartment, provide air conditioner); Pay social insurance; Provide free tour organized by the company to employees worked over one year.

Welcome to our interview at our office, salary negotiable.

Annual salary range: ¥150,000 - ¥250,000

Location: Shenzhen city

Post date: May 25th, 2017