Oversea Sales

Source:en.iremax.hk   Date:2017-05-25

REMAX Human Resource Department

Contact: Ms. Yao

Tel: 0755-29404316

E-mail: 2880630321@qq.com

Job Title: Oversea Sales Manager

Job category: Business Development

Number of Positions: 2


1. Under 30 years old, excellent image, bachelor degree or above graduate in English, International Trade and Business English major; CET6 and above; good oral English skills.

2. Knowledge of foreign trade operation process and relevant laws and rules; have international commercial knowledge.

3. With good sense of public relations as well as excellent communication and business development skills with the ability to interact with all levels. Ability to handle things independently; Courage to explore and innovate.

4. Independent customer development capacity; Ability to handle inquiries, customer follow-up and foreign trade flow including payment terms, customer declaration and commodities inspection.

5. Years’ experience in  consumer brand company or attend oversea exhibitions will get a priority admission;

6. Good written skills in English is a plus.


1. Meets annually established sales budget;

2. Prepare for exhibitions and maintain the company website;

3. Track client information, receive clients, maintain old clients and develop new clients.

Salary: Eight-hour work day; Modernized office that has reached 4A decoration standard; With accommodation available ( accommodate 2-3 people, one-bedroom apartment, provide air conditioner); Pay social insurance; Provide free tour organized by the company to employees worked over one year.

Welcome to our interview at our office, salary negotiable.

Annual salary range: ¥150,000 - ¥300,000

Location: Shenzhen city

Post date: May 25th, 2017