Sales Assistant   Date:2017-05-25

REMAX Human Resource Department

Contact: Ms. Yao

Tel: 0755-29404316


Job Title: Sales Assistant (Domestic)

Job category: Business Development

Number of Positions: 2


1. Assist with collecting documents from customers.

2. Accept customer’s orders, make sales contract and communicate with financial department.

3. Communicate with clients and assist clients by processing adjustments

4. Assist manager in improving department rules and regulations.

5. Sales agreement and Contract and filing and maintenance.


1. Associate degree or above or fresh graduates

2. Strong communication skills

3. Work cooperatively with teams;

4. Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential. High attention to detail and accuracy with work. Capable of learning and innovation, self-motivated.

Salary: Eight-hour work day; Modernized office that has reached 4A decoration standard; With accommodation available ( accommodate 2-3 people, one-bedroom apartment, provide air conditioner); Pay social insurance; Provide free tour organized by the company to employees worked over one year.

Salary range: ¥3500 - ¥6000; specific salary negotiable (Remuneration interview if you have excellent experience and conditions)

Location: Shenzhen city

Post date: May 25th, 2017